Amimi Shallot and Sichuan Pepper Knife-Cut Stirring Noodle

Amimi’s Shallot & Sichuan Pepper flavour ramen provides the perfect balance of flavour, texture and chilli kick!  The fragrant aromas from the sauce is the perfect accompaniment, covering each hand-sliced strand of noodle.  This easy to cook dish, adding your favourite ingredients, will make your mouth water each and every time you eat it!

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Amimi Hand-Made Noodles
Following the traditional methods of manufacture and using the latest hygienic processes coupled with a natural drying process, each step of the process to create our noodles gives the noodles its characteristic bounce and tanginess.  

Amimi Sichuan Pepper Oil
The combination of carefully selected peppers and Sichuan chilli oil combines to release a fragrant aroma with the chilli kick which enhances the tastebuds and a tingle on your lips.

Amimi Shallot & Soy Sauce

Using only the finest Taiwanese red shallots, the shallots undergo multiple cooking and cooling processes to ensure all the flavours are still contained.  Combining them with top-quality soy sauce , the flavours merge and blend together to create the perfect accompaniment to the Sichuan Pepper Oil. 

*Allergen Warning*
This product contains wheat, soybeans, sunflower seeds which may cause allergic symptoms.
Store in a cool place at room temperature and avoid dampness and direct sunlight. Please eat as soon as possible after opening. Due to the environment, it is normal for the sauce to solidify due to the natural ingredients. Gently massage the sauce sachet before use.

Amimi Shallot and Sichuan Pepper Knife Cut Noodle